Tmux vs Screen

Here are some reasons why I recommend Tmux over Screen. Some are personal preference, some are not. If you’re a screen user, I recommend giving Tmux a try and making up your own mind (I have another post on how to setup Tmux, it won’t take long!). The status bar is much easier to configure […]

Tmux & Cygwin

Using Tmux & Cygwin together is the best console combination on Windows, if you ask me. I’ve been using this setup for over a year now, and my productivity is measurably better, my workspace more organized, and it looks cool to boot! I’ve also converted most of the developers at my workplace to this setup. […]

Encrypted Malware Payloads

Recently, I was reading an article on the recently discovered hacker group dubbed the Equation Group[1], I stumbled across an interesting concept: encrypted malware payloads. Most server admins will inevitably have the experience of dealing with a comprised system, especially if you host sites running WordPress[2][3], IPB[4], vBulletin[5], Drupal[6], or a host of other systems […]