Puppet Tip: Preinstall Stage

If you have some commands that you want to run before everything else, it can be annoying to add a require statement to every resource (as Puppet doesn’t execute things in order). Luckily you can get around this using stages. stage { ‘preinstall’: before => Stage[‘main’] } class apt_get_update { file { ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’: ensure => […]

Puppet Tip: Set global exec path

Here’s a quick tip you might not know about. In Puppet, you can set a global path option for all Exec resources. This saves you from having to prefix all of your commands with the absolute path. Just throw this at the top of your file: Exec { path => [‘/usr/sbin’, ‘/usr/bin’, ‘/sbin’, ‘/bin’] } […]

Disable sendfile when using Nginx + Vagrant

Source: http://jeremyfelt.com/code/2013/01/08/clear-nginx-cache-in-vagrant/ Scenario 1… You installed Vagrant with VirtualBox on your local machine and have a sweet nginx setup going as your development environment. You made a few changes to a CSS file and the new style is not reflecting on the page. You try saving the file again in your text editor, no go. You look at the file […]