Enhanced Varnish Dashboard

I run Varnish on a number of servers, and I don’t always have a full metrics setup (e.g. Graphite/Statsd/Collectd) setup. Also, sometimes I just want a real time dashboard to watch traffic (or my clients do). I’ve been using Varnish Agent 2 + the ITLinuxCL dashboard, which is lacking to say the least. The dashboard […]

WIP: Circuit Sandbox

I’ve been working on an HTML5 Canvas game recently, designed to be an educational sandbox that allows people to create logic gates and build circuits. You’ll start with just transistors and wires, and have to build nand, nor, and, or, xor, not, etc logic gates, which you can then re-use to build more complex circuits […]

WordPress ORM Plugin

I had some spare time recently, and wrote a very light weight ORM plugin for WordPress, meant for developers. It lets you create models that are persisted to custom tables, and makes querying and saving these models very easy. I wrote documentation for it, so I recommend you check it out on GitHub at brandonwamboldt/wp-orm. […]

I just released util.php

I just released my latest project, util.php to GitHub. Util.php is a single file that you can include in any of your projects without worrying about conflicts, since it’s entirely contained within the class util. The project includes dozens of functions (Over 40 right now) that most developers either need or use very frequently. It’s […]

New Premium Plugin Available

I’ve been working on a new plugin for the past week or two, writing documentation for it, and testing it quite extensively. It finally got accepted on CodeCanyon, a marketplace for premium plugins and code. My plugin is called Easy Custom CSS Stylesheets, and it allows you to create unlimited stylesheets which are stored in […]