Enhanced Varnish Dashboard

I run Varnish on a number of servers, and I don’t always have a full metrics setup (e.g. Graphite/Statsd/Collectd) setup. Also, sometimes I just want a real time dashboard to watch traffic (or my clients do).

I’ve been using Varnish Agent 2 + the ITLinuxCL dashboard, which is lacking to say the least. The dashboard isn’t maintained, is very minimal, and somewhat broken. So I set out to build my own dashboard.

I wanted to make good use of the Varnish Agent API, so I added capabilities to purge URLs, view/upload VCLs, view params, logs, etc. I also added support for multiple Varnish backends, so you could host the dashboard somewhere else and just point it at multiple Varnish instances. This is currently held up until I get a patch merged into vagent to add CORS headers (currently pending review).

There are screenshots on GitHub, so check it out: https://github.com/brandonwamboldt/varnish-dashboard

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  1. Varnish Dashboard is great, I’ve replaced Varnish Agent 2.
    Thank you.

  2. Agustin Casiva says: Reply

    Btw, For what is worth, I wrote this article about how to install it in debian


  3. Agustin Casiva says: Reply

    You tool is awesome, Thank you very much !

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