Everything I googled in a week as a senior developer

Inspired by this post, I decided to do the same thing and see what I searched for in the last week.

September 9th, 2019 (Monday)

  • tsconfig paths
    • Looking up the documentation for a TypeScript config option that I couldn’t remember how it worked
  • OpenShift
    • Looking up what OpenShift was since a customer was asking about it
  • ruby version
    • Looking for the most current version of Ruby so I could upgrade our project to it

September 10th, 2019 (Tuesday)

  • ksil_userpicker.jsp
  • ksil_userpicker
    • Looking up something a co-worker asked about (he wanted to know what a file on our Jira servers did)
  • unrecognized cop Rails/DynamicFindBy
    • Looking for a reason why my Rails cops weren’t being found after upgrading rubocop
  • rubocop-rails
    • Looking up a gem as apparently rubocop split their rails cops into a separate gem and I needed them
  • ruby unpack1
    • Looking up the docs for a function that rubocop was telling me to use
  • threaderror already initialized
    • Investigating a bug during my Ruby 2.6 upgrade (tests were failing)
  • ruby write_timeout net http
  • ruby unknown keyword write_timeout
    • Fixing a bug during my Ruby 2.6 upgrade and wanted to know what the error was from
  • rails 5 upgrade
    • Looking into how much work was involved to upgrade from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5

September 11th, 2019 (Wednesday)

  • memset(buffer,0,sizeof(buffer));
  • fgets(buffer,251,stdin)
    • Trying to figure out what a random C file did that a co-worker found on some server
  • yaml validator
    • Validating some config files
  • xargs move files
    • Couldn’t remember the syntax for xargs if you needed the argument in a specific place
  • ls show year
    • ls wasn’t showing the year for all files, sometimes only the date, and I needed the year (–full-time)
  • tar gzip a directory
    • Needed to archive our crash report directories and couldn’t remember the flags for tar
  • grep filename only
    • Was trying to review 60,000 crash reports and pull some basic stats about which errors occurred and how often, needed just the filenames so I could pipe it to xargs
  • grep not match
  • grep files that do not contain
    • Wanted to list all files that didn’t match a pattern for my crash report ticket
  • vs code auto eol detection
    • Helping a colleague see if there was a way to disable the EOL detection in visual studio
  • git autocrlf
    • Helping a colleague figure out how to make sure local files always had Unix newlines and couldn’t remember the valid options
  • ruby 2.6 no stacktrace
    • After upgrading to Ruby 2.6, no stack traces were appearing in my exception pages or log files
  • ruby current dir
    • Couldn’t remember if it was __dir__ or __DIR__ to get the directory of the current file
  • generate local ssl certificate
  • openssl genrsa no password
    • Was generating a development SSL cert and couldn’t remember the syntax
  • rails render partial pass variable
    • Wanted to pass a local variable into a partial template from another template
  • pumactl force restart
    • Was having issues with Puma using 100% of my CPU and trying to kill it
  • docker exec root
  • docker compose exec set user
    • Trying to figure out how to get a root shell in my development container so I could kill some processes

September 12th, 2019 (Thursday)

  • slim release notes
  • slim ruby release notes
    • Was running into errors whenever I tried to make changes to our slim templates and wanted to see if there was any release notes around Ruby 2.6 compatibility
  • web console gem
    • Needed to review gem docs and issues to try and troubleshoot why this gem had stopped working
  • man git stash
  • git-stash Documentation – Git
  • git stash one file
    • Couldn’t remember the command syntax to stash only one file instead of all unstaged changes
  • rack timeout gem
    • Reviewing the release notes for the new version of this gem (was doing an upgrade)
  • web console undefined method `reopen’ for nil:NilClass
    • Working on upgrading a gem (web-console) and was getting this error, wasn’t sure if it was the gem or something else
  • puma
    • Trying to get the puma gem documentation
  • puma gem
    • Looking at the release notes to see if they mentioned anything about a 100% cpu issue I was having
  • chrome get encoding of html page
    • A certain HTML page wasn’t working correctly when submitted to our software, so I wanted to confirm it was a valid UTF-8 document
  • ruby invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
    • Was getting this exception under the hood in our Ruby on Rails app and couldn’t remember the normal cause & fix
  • javascript get character code unicode
    • Investigating character encoding issues and needed to convert a character to it’s codepoint number
  • utf8 8217
    • Confirming that I had the right character code for a UTF-8 string
  • ruby ?, ruby 0x19, ruby 0x19 angle brackets
    • I was seeing the string ‘<0x19>’ in my logs instead of the UTF-8 character I was expecting
  • ruby string.encode
    • Looking at the language docs to see if encode mutated the object or returned a new object
  • The string to be encoded contains characters outside of the Latin1 range.
    • Trying to fix a character encoding issue in a Google Chrome add-on
  • javascript equivalent of Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes
    • Fixing a bug in a Google Chrome add-on that didn’t exist in our C# add-on. I was pretty sure my method of converting a string to a byte buffer was incorrect, and this confirmed it
  • ssh enable forwarding
    • I was setting up an SSH tunnel into AWS so I could pull from a locally running service, without exposing it to the Internet
  • http method rfc
    • Settling a team debate about whether to use POST or PUT
  • slack desktop dark mode
    • Someone told me this was now a thing and I obviously needed it ASAP
  • postman read file from disk
  • javascript read file and sha it
  • postman multipart form data get file value
  • postman file upload pre request script read file
    • I was attempting to find a method to calculate a checksum of a file as required by our APIs for our new postman collection, but it ended up being impossible.
  • sha256 file online
    • Was there a third party API I could send my files to, get a checksum back, and then resubmit the request to our API? Spoiler alert: no
  • docker save image
    • Couldn’t remember the syntax for saving an image to a tarball so I could push it to a server with no Internet access
  • does stopping a container delete the volume
  • docker stop
    • Trying to remember how volumes work after I accidentally deleted one
  • docker cp
  • docker cp to volume
  • docker cp example
  • docker cp set user
    • Needed to rebuild my deleted volumes and couldn’t remember the argument order for cp
  • blacktop/elasticsearch
    • Needed to lookup the dockerfile for a container we use to see which volumes it defined
  • when are docker volumes deleted
  • docker compose automount volume
  • docker compose elasticsearch example
  • dockerfile volume
    • Once again trying to understand how volumes work (it wasn’t that complicated)
  • rails elasticsearch get last indexed document
    • After deleting my volumes by mistake, I had to reindex our database in elasticsearch and it was taking forever, so I wanted to monitor progress
  • elasticsearch all shards failed
    • Indexing failed and our container went down
  • docker compose stop instances
    • Couldn’t remember the syntax for a simple command again
  • bash add 1 to string number
    • Fixing a bug in our version number scripts
  • docker org label schema
    • Making sure we were using appropriate label names for image metadata

September 13th, 2019 (Friday)

  • link_to onclickruby standarderror
    • Wanted to see if StandardError was a subclass or parent class of RuntimeError
  • ruby default exception class for raise
    • Couldn’t remember if raise threw a StandardError or RuntimeError by default
  • elasticsearch increase total field limit
    • We have a lot of metadata fields and hit the default limit of 1000 indexed fields. This happens a lot and I never remember how to fix it.
  • curl set json body
    • Another thing I do all the time and never remember how to fix.
  • no matching token for number_type [BIG_INTEGER]
  • elasticsearch sim big_integer
  • elasticsearch “sim” big_integer
  • ruby No matching token for number_type [BIG_INTEGER]
  • “ruby” No matching token for number_type [BIG_INTEGER]
  • “ruby” elasticsearch BIG_INTEGER
  • elasticsearch mapper_parsing_exception show failed field
    • Debugging a mapping error with ElasticSearch that ended up being due to a number greater than 2^63
  • elasticsearch get record by id
  • elasticsearch get mapping
    • Again, why do I never remember the things I do all the time
  • elasticsearch long max value
    • Wanted to make sure i knew the max value of a long field before I fixed the bug by stringifying large numbers
  • elasticsearch datatype for imei numbers
  • elasticsearch datatype for “imei” numbers
    • Seeing if there was a recommended datatype for IMEIs (phone serial numbers)
  • highest 64 bit number
  • ruby 64 bit max constant
  • ruby get bits of integer
  • ruby get bit length of number
  • max 64 bit integer
  • ruby max integer
    • Trying to find the best way to determine when a Ruby number is too large to be stored in ElasticSearch
  • tar a directory
    • I literally never remember the syntax for tar compression
  • ruby json parse dont throw error
    • Seeing if there was a version of JSON.parse that didn’t throw an exception
  • link_to rails
    • Looking at the docs to find out how to set an HTML attribute on the link element generated by link_to
  • link_to onclick
    • Double checking the best way to set an onclick handler for the link
  • ruby escape url parameter
    • Looking for the name of a method (CGI.escape) that I couldn’t remember
  • Rack::BodyProxy
  • Rack::BodyProxy output to page
    • Debugging an issue where instead of rendering our page we were just getting a Rack::BodyProxy object back

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  16. This looks suspiciously like it has been pruned to remove typos, dinner reservations, and movie reviews.

    1. Typos were included, but this is only my work google account’s search history. Personal search history was not included.

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