Firefox Addons, User Styles, and tweaks

So the other day I found an addon called stylish, and I really enjoyed testing and modifying user styles. Stylish is a program which allows you to make custom stylesheets for any website, as well as the actual Firefox Chrome. So far I’ve customized my Google homepage, gmail and other google products, Youtube, Facebook, and minor tweaks to various other sites I use. Here are some of the styles I really liked.

Crystal Firefox v1.2 (Custom about:blank page used when opening new tabs)

Complete Redesign of – Super Style (Makes the website not so shitty)

Facebook – Dark Shiny Blue, transparency (Makes Facebook look excellent, but laggy)

Firefox 3 – Hide Search and Go Buttons

Firefox 3: Better Tabs (Various Tab Tweaks)

Google Web Search – Dark Gray Theme (A nice Google)

Yellow https location bar (Location bar is yellow when using SSL)

Youtube – Dark shiny blue, transparency

There are so many more styles on and you can always create your own!

As for regular addons, I use Adblock Plus, All-in-One Sidebar, Firebug, NoScript, Stylish, UnPlug, User Agent Switcher, Web Developer, and Xmarks.

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