Git and updates

I’ve recently begun working at a company called Norex, which is a pretty good place to work at. I’ve already learned quite a bit, perhaps the most importing being Git. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this tool earlier, it’s fantastic! For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s a version control system, much better than SVN if you ask me.

Git stores changes you make to files, allowing you revert back to previous versions, branch off, add patches, etc. It’s useful for even small static sites as a backup for instance. I’d recommend learning how to use it, and I might even post a tutorial eventually.

I’ve also started restructuring my server to resemble how Plesk sets things up, creating SSH accounts as I go. These are required for Git and are quite useful, for example you can tail an error log while programming. My websites will now reside in /var/www/vhosts with a nice plesk like skeleton. I’ve set up .ssh/authorized_keys as a symlink in each directory as well, so I can add public keys of authorized people as I need too. I need to figure out how to do that AND have site by site authorized_keys files, which I’m sure is possible.

And one last thing I’ve discovered is how useful WordPress is. From a basic CMS to blogging platform to full fledged, customized platforms, WordPress provides a strong and stable base. From this base, you can build plugins and themes to do almost anything. I had worked with WordPress before of course, mainly developing themes, but most of my sites used a custom CMS. I probably won’t do that much anymore, WordPress is easier for clients to use, quicker to setup, and much more extensible.

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