Google Wave

Just checked out the Google I/O video for Google Wave, the new communication tool from our friends at Google. Wow, am I impressed. This tool has serious potential, and I’ve already requested an account, and taken a look at some source code. Can’t wait to try it out! And I can’t see why people think Google is taking over the world and getting rid of privacy, where did that come from? I’m sure Google will index everything said, but who really cares?

A brief overview of Google Wave? It’s an all-in-one replacement for email, instant messaging, and other real time collaboration tools, as well as a possible replacement for forums and groups. It uses HTML 5, but probably won’t support IE (Why would it lol). It requires Google Gears for drag and drop from the desktop functionality, and it probably makes it faster. The entire thing looks like it was put together pretty good, so I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

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  1. Very interesting, i will have to check this out

    also what happened no more posts?

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