Must Have Have Plugins

With the amount of WordPress sites I’ve been doing lately, I’ve encountered a list of plugins I keep returning too. They may not be perfect, but they do what I need, and they do it well.

  • Contact Form 7
    • Really flexible contact form with changeable elements, optional CAPTCHA, multilingual support, recipients dependent on a drop down value, etc.
  • WPML
    • The best available multilingual plugin available for WordPress, adds a host of features for developing multi language sites.
  • TinyMCE Advanced
    • Adds more commands to the WordPress default editor, such as tables and the option to stop removing extra breaks.
  • Members
    • Adds enhanced role and capability management features, a must for any large or complex CMS built on WordPress. It’s very powerful
  • HTML and Flash Video Player
    • A nice plugin adding shortcodes for inserting a Flash/HTML5 video player in WordPress posts
    • Requires a hook in the template you are using
    • Shortcode is [videoplayer file=”video/video.flv” /]
  • WP e-Commerce
    • Full e-commerce functionality wrapped up in a nice plugin. Support for popular payment gateways like PayPal and Google Checkout. Very bloated though.
  • Fluency Admin
    • Changed up the WordPress admin area adding a much needed visual makeover, and some minor new features.
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA
    • Required to add CAPTCHA functionality to Contact Form 7, can be used in your own plugins as well. Very simple, not all that secure but easy to

3 Replies to “Must Have Have Plugins”

  1. Yes, but WP Ecommerce is the only option available for the majority of users as other plugins are not free.

    Version 3.8 (Still in Beta) has many improvements over earlier versions.

  2. Have to disagree with wp-ecommerce, it’s so bug ridden and there support is so bad, even for the paid users! I’ve changed from it to MarketPress

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