New Premium Plugin Available

Easy Custom CSS Stylesheets

I’ve been working on a new plugin for the past week or two, writing documentation for it, and testing it quite extensively. It finally got accepted on CodeCanyon, a marketplace for premium plugins and code.

My plugin is called Easy Custom CSS Stylesheets, and it allows you to create unlimited stylesheets which are stored in the database and link them to your site, or attach them to specific pages, posts, or special pages (Category page, home page, login page, etc). This eliminates the need of modifying your theme source which breaks the ability to update the theme and is generally a hassle.

I plan on adding the ability to do the same thing with JavaScript to the plugin soon as well. The plugin includes a JavaScript based code editor, complete with syntax highlighting, key binds and line numbers. You can even link to remote stylesheets, useful for importing fonts from Google Web Fonts or Typekit.

You can purchase it for $14 over at CodeCanyon.

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  1. Here’s what I need. The current website I’m porting from Dreamweaver to WordPress is . I have two areas for which I need to limit access;
    1 – newsletters (already in the Primary Widget area).
    2 – Member directory (to be added).

    I need to limit access to members whose dues are paid for the current year. What I can’t get my head around is:

    a – Who sets up the password, me or the member?
    b – same password for all paid-up member or unique password for each member (we have 2,500 members)?
    c – should password be changed each dues cycle (year)?

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