Node.js and NodeFTPD

A buddy of mine has been telling me I should learn Node.js for the last few months, but I’ve been staying away because I haven’t been the biggest fan of JS in the client (Browser inconsistencies and all that). This week I decided to dive in and see what the hype is all about, and I must say: I’m pretty impressed. I learn best by jumping into “complex” problems, and I had a perfect one in mind.

Personally, I think most FTP servers suck. I use ProFTPD, and don’t like it very much. It’s annoying to configure, clumsy, and not easy to extend. I decided to write my own FTP server, to learn Node and gain a better understanding of the FTP protocol. So far, it’s going really well and I think Node.js was an excellent choice. You can actually check out my progress over at GitHub, although I’m still quite early in development. I have the basic functionality implemented in a way I’m fairly happy with. Next I want to add authentication and improve the command line interface.

I’m also thinking about implementing a web UI to manage the server and see real time usage information.

If you’re a web developer and haven’t checked out Node.js, I’d highly advise a quick look. It’s not that bad 🙂

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  1. Has to be done: I TOLD YOU SO. /sigh that was fun

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