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Most node.js developers use Nodemon as a development server, as it allows you to watch your project files and will automatically restart Node when changes are detected. However, there are a few problems with this. Restarting an application every time a file changes is often unnecessary, and causes a slight delay before you can refresh your page (as database connections are restored and such).

Luckily, we can add a file called .nodemonignore in our project folder, which will tell Nodemon to ignore changes to specific files and folders. Here’s a sample file:


In general, it’s pretty safe to ignore your template folder and static asset directory, as well as the git directory (no point in restarting your node server whenever you git commit). I opt to ignore my node_modules folder as well, so there are less files to watch (I was going over the max limit for my OS).

Documentation section about ignoring files.

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  1. It appears `.nodemonignore` is now deprecated. According to the most recent docs:

    nodemon can also be configured via a local and global config file:
    * $HOME/nodemon.json
    * $PWD/nodemon.json OR –config
    * nodemonConfig in package.json

    I added this to my package.json and it works:

    “nodemonConfig”: {
    “ignore”: [

    Also, “.git” and “.node_modules” are now ignored by default:

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