Well it’s been a little while since my last post, but hey whatever. I’ve spent most of the day watching One-on-One photoshop tutorials from I decided it was time to stop using Fireworks and use the real tool. It’s been pretty exciting actually (yes, I realize how sad that sounds), but I really like the Bridge tool. I’ve never used it before today!

Running a web design business, I think it’s important that I know sufficient information about the design process, and learning Photoshop is just one small step. I’ve also been emailing some local businesses with either no websites, or just plain awful sites, but haven’t heard back yet. Once I get some business cards printed off, I’ll probably do a few walk-ins. My new business site is up, and you can check it out at

School is still boring as other, and the more I read online, the more pointless it becomes in my mind. I found this really great site called, and I agree strongly with many of their views. I’ve learned very little from the Public Education system.

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