I’m always working on some project or another, and I do my best to release them back to the community if I think they’re valuable. Below is a list of some of my more notable projects, free and commercial.

I have a bunch of projects not listed here that are available on my GitHub as well.

  • NodeFTPD
    • A full functioning FTP server implemented in Node.js. Includes support for normal FTP and FTP over implicit TLS, has multiple authentication drivers (PAM, Mongo, MySQL, Postgres), supports chrooting, and more. Built as a project to learn more about Node.
  • UtilityPHP (util.php)
    • UtilityPHP is a tool for PHP developers, a collection of useful functions and snippets that you need or could use every day, designed to avoid conflicts with existing projects
  • WordPress Access Control
    • A free WordPress plugin I created with over 60,000 downloads! The plugin allows users to restrict pages, posts, custom post types, menus and widgets to members, nonmembers or specific roles and still add them to the navigation, restrict page content, or even the entire site!
  • PHPLighter
    • A PHP syntax highlighting engine that rivals any full blown editor
  • ThemeOptions for Theme Developers
    • This is a powerful class/plugin primarily designed for Theme Developers to include with their theme. It allows a theme developer to easily add an options page for their theme, add settings to it, retrieve settings, all while providing a standardized interface similar to the WordPress settings interface.