Teaching Frontpage in schools

Two of the courses offered by my high school (AIT11 and SWA12) include a unit on “Web design” where they teach us how all websites use tables, websites need to be made in word or frontpage, page transitions and marquees are cool, and so are non standard fonts. No. Just no.

I feel that it would be better to not teach us at all, then to teach us incorrectly. Anybody who is going to go into web design would have to unlearn all the incorrect things they were taught. I asked my teacher if she knew HTML, and she said she used to know a bit of it. She doesn’t use it though, and she knows Frontpage, and that is what she teaches. She isn’t a web designer, she hasn’ t taken web design, she doesn’t know web design, and therefore shouldn’t teach web design. Don’t get me wrong. She is a great teacher, and she knows how to use Microsoft word, frontpage, excel, etc. That isn’t the issue here.

One of the other teachers who teaches web design also made our school site. Which was made in Dreamweaver 8. Which includes a notice about working best in Internet explorer, and actually doesn’t work at all in Firefox. The site also uses proprietary formats only available in Firefox via addons. The site doesn’t even come close to validating.

So why does the schoolboard insist that we learn how to incorrectly make websites? It’s not the teacher’s fault. They are given a list of topics to teach, and that’s that.

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