Varnish VCL Syntax Highlighting For Sublime

I’m an avid fan of the Sublime Text editor, and I also work with Varnish on a daily basis. Like Nginx and many non-standard languages, Sublime Text has no built-in support for Varnish VCL configuration files, and the only existing plugin was very poor. Not only does the existing plugin have awful syntax highlighting that breaks frequently, it uses overly complicated regex which causes Sublime to use near 100% CPU and become unresponsive. Having recently build an Nginx syntax highlighting plugin, I decided to write one for Varnish VCL files as well. It turned out really well, and I recommend checking it out if you work with VCL files.


If you have the Package Control plugin for Sublime, just search for “Varnish” to install my syntax definitions. If you don’t have Package Control, go install it! If you really don’t want to, you canĀ download my plugin from GitHub.

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  1. You Rock!! Thank you!!

  2. Looks awesome!!!!!!

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