WordPress 3.0 Thoughts

I’ve been using WordPress 3.0 at work for a month now, and what do I think of it? It’s fantastic! WordPress 3.0 added many new features, including custom menus which are extremely helpful for using WordPress as a CMS. WordPress 3 implemented over 200 fixes and features, so I recommend checking out the official site to see a list of all of them. Here’s the ones I like the most

  • WordPress Menus – Add menus across your site that are manageable via the admin and are as simple as calling wp_nav_menu in your theme.
  • Custom Headers – You can set the header in your blog via a nice admin panel
  • Custom Backgrounds – WordPress has an API for themes allowing your theme users to easily change the theme background
  • Custom Post Types – These are the most important feature for sure. It allows you to easily (Like 30 lines of code easy) add your own post types. Like videos, services, products, etc. Basically, you pass a few arguments to register_post_type and you’re done. WordPress auto generates an interface similar to the posts/pages interface. You can extend it with your own version of categories and tags as well (For example, you could make a gallery tag/category taxonomy for grouping your video post types).

With the amount of development I’ve been doing, I’ve noticed a lot of really useful functions, actions, and filters have no documentation on the WordPress codex, and some have no documentation anywhere that I could find (Like the Walker Class and making custom Walkers). I’ve registered a codex account and am slowly adding documentation, and any of the really awesome stuff I’ll post here as well.

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  1. Yeah, my username is just brandon.wamboldt. Also make sure to check back here often as I’m going to write a tutorial about making a custom walker class.


  2. I have been Devlopmeing under WordPress 3.0 And i must say it is very useful.

    can i get a link to your codex.wordpress.org ID

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