WordPress 3.1

WordPress 3.1 Beta 1 was just released and I’m already running it on one of my sites. It’s fantastic, they fixed and added quite a few nice things

  • We have the ability to query multiple taxonomies now
  • Custom post types can have archive/index pages (Using the template post-type-archive-{$post_type}.php)
  • The link dialog box lets you search all post types for the item you wish to link to (Finally)
  • The admin has markup has been cleaned up and more AJAX added (Sortable columns, woot)
  • There is an admin bar on the front-end of the site like WordPress.com (They beat me to it, I was actually working on it)

I’m quite excited for the final release, but all seems to be working well so far.

In other news, Gravity Forms 1.5 is coming out soon. I’m a huge fan of Gravity Forms and use it on all of my sites now. 1.5 adds some nice features like multi-page forms and the ability to integrate with PayPal in some awesome ways. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, go check out Gravity Forms now, it blows away every other form plugin for WordPress. It’s SUPER easy to use, so much so that clients can create complex forms with no training. It logs entries to the WordPress admin, lets you set up complex notifications, and much more. It’s¬†definitely¬†worth the $40 for a single license or the $200 for a developer/unlimited license.

Thesis 2.0 is building up a lot of hype but still isn’t out yet, although Thesis 1.6 is doing what I need it to for now.

Google Chrome Dev Channel (9.0) is faster than ever and supports several new features such as the HTML voice input type. The upgrade brings Linux Chrome more inline with the versions available for Windows and Mac (Standard Icon and it’s called Google Chrome not Chromium Browser). Check it out today.

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